2022-12-07 KPTZ Nature Now (Interview) — Timefulness: Thinking like a Geologist

Marica Bjornerud

Nature Now, a weekly 30-minute broadcast on KPTZ 91.9 MHz in Port Townsend, will interview Dr. Bjornerud as a preview to her Dec. 10th lecture. Nan Evans of KPTZ and JLT and geologist Marcia Bjornerud of Lawerence University (Appleton, Wisconsin) will discuss how geological perspectives can deepen our understanding of our home Earth and the impact on the human species on it. The show will broadcast on KPTZ three times.

Show #596: Dec. 7 (Wed.) at 12:30 PM, Dec. 8 (Thur.) at 5:30 PM, Dec. 10 (Sat.) at 12:30 PM.  

The recorded broadcast will be available later on KPTZ’s podcast webpage.

Resource Book – Geology Underfoot in Western Washington

Dave Tucker has re-published (2019) Geology Underfoot in Western Washington. The book features several dozen field trips to exciting geologic sites in our region.

By the way, if you google search “book geology underfoot” you will see guides for MANY places in this continent.

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