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Our speaking events are on Saturdays at 4 pm and are announced by member email, local print and electronic bulletin boards. Watch our schedule for updates and links to the lectures. In addition, we video-record these lectures for later viewing (see the Events > Past Events Videos on home page menu).

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2023-02-18 Chris Goldfinger – The Next Great Cascadia Earthquake – How Did We Get Here?

The Presentation: Dr. Chris Goldfinger, will explore the relation of offshore turbidites to the paleoseismic record of the Cascadia subduction zone. Submarine paleoseismology is a multidisciplinary science that allows us to reconstruct earthquake histories extending back thousands of years. We now use a variety of techniques, many originally developed for petroleum exploration, to study earthquake-generated submarine deposits (turbidites). By correlating these deposits over broad areas and examining their sedimentological characteristics, we can gain insight into recurrence intervals, fault rupture lengths, event clustering, long-term strain histories, paleo-slip characteristics, and interactions between faults. Comparing turbidite deposits associated with recent major earthquakes (e.g.,… Read more2023-02-18 Chris Goldfinger – The Next Great Cascadia Earthquake – How Did We Get Here?


2023-03-18 David Williams—Secrets of Seattle’s Geology

On March 18, Covid, Flu and RSV allowing, we will have our first in-person lecture at the Port Townsend High School Auditorium. For those cautious of the various germs circulating, you can mask up or watch the live Zoom broadcast or wait until we post the video. David is a well-estabished writer in the Puget Sound. He has lectured before there QGS several time (search events), most recently in Nov. 2017 on Talk Too High and Too Steep—Reshaping Seattle’s Topography. This lecture will reveal “Secrets of Seattle’s Geology: Connections of the human story and the geology story“. More information to follow.


2023-04-29 Skye Cooley: Soil-climate evidence for timing of the Cascade uplift and creation of its rain shadow

Skye Cooley from Montana will be presenting an interesting story about timing of the Cascade uplift and creation of its rain shadow as evidenced by the presence and distribution of arid-land soils, specifically calcic soils and calcretes in eastern WA. Skye has been working on this subject for several years and has visited hundreds(?) of outcrops. The presence of the calcretes touch on the timing of the Cascades’ rise (dry climate info), growth of Yakima Fold Belt uplifts (paleoslope info), and ancient glacial floods (stratigraphic info).


2023-05-20 Vince Matthews – Global Scramble for Natural Resources

May 20, 2023.  Vince Matthews, former director of the Colorado Geological Survey and now consulting geologist in Wisconsin, will speak on the Global Scramble for Natural Resources. Abstract and bio to follow this Spring. This may be a hybrid lecture: In-person lecture at the Port Townsend High School Auditorium with a ZOOM broadcast real-time for those who cannot attend in person, as well as a recorded video posted afterwards. Stay tuned.


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Our goal is to foster an understanding of Earth Science concepts by offering 5-6 illustrated lectures during the academic year and one or two summer field trips. We focus mainly, but not exclusively, on local and regional geologic features and issues (see yearly list under events). Membership and events are FREE and open to the public, although we gratefully accept donations to defray our expenses. QGS is an earth-science activity of the Jefferson Land Trust, which is located in Port Townsend, WA.  We are in our 10th year here on the Quimper Peninsula.


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