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2023-10-14 Ophiolites—Subducted terrane exposed on Fidalgo Island

Fidalgo Ophiolite Revisited: A chaotic assemblage of ophiolitic blocks deposited in a matrix of mudstone, sandstone, and basalt flows overlain by deep-water turbidites derived from a volcanic arc – John S. Oldow, Whidbey Island SATURDAY OCT. 14 – EVENT LIVE AT First Baptist Church – 1202 Lawrence St, Port Townsend – 4pm or via ZOOM The Lecture It has long been thought that an intact ophiolite had accreted to North America and was preserved on Fidalgo Island in the San Juan Islands, just tens of miles north of Port Townsend.  (An ophiolite is a slab of oceanic crust and underlying mantle… Read more2023-10-14 Ophiolites—Subducted terrane exposed on Fidalgo Island

fossil diorama NPS

2023-11-11 Washington’s fossils—New book presentation

SATURDAY NOV. 11 – EVENT LIVE AT First Baptist Church – 1202 Lawrence St, Port Townsend – 4pm or via ZOOM Liz Nesbitt and David Williams (both associated with the Burke Museum) will present their new book on Washington Fossils. They will discuss the book and provide some background on their inspiration for the book, why they wrote it, and address some of the science, etc. For the second part, we’ll highlight some of the profiles in the book. For the QGS, they will connect the geology with the fossils, and illustrate how/why we have certain fossils, such as those… Read more2023-11-11 Washington’s fossils—New book presentation


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Our goal is to foster an understanding of Earth Science concepts by offering 5-6 illustrated lectures during the academic year and one or two summer field trips. We focus mainly, but not exclusively, on local and regional geologic features and issues (see yearly list under events). Membership and events are FREE and open to the public, although we gratefully accept donations to defray our expenses. QGS is an earth-science activity of the Jefferson Land Trust, which is located in Port Townsend, WA.  We are in our 10th year here on the Quimper Peninsula.


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