2022-04-02 Kim Juniper, Univ. Victoria—Sea Bed Mining

Dr. Kim Juniper of Ocean Networks Canada at the University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. will lecture on a forthcoming international mining issue, that is the underwater mining of the sea bed. Here in the northwest we are fortunate to have a plethora of marine science research and infrastructure. The University of Victoria’s Ocean Networks Canada has been monitoring the oceans since 2006 using cabled observatories, remote control systems and interactive sensors. Their goal is to support evidence-based decision-making on ocean management, disaster mitigation (re: earthquake alerts!), and environmental protection.  Here is a clip from a recent article on sea-bed mining.  More to follow:

“The debate over the ethics of mining the earth’s last untouched frontier is growing in both intensity and consequence. It pits biologist against geologist, conservationist against environmentalist, and manufacturer against supplier in a world grappling with a paradox—one that will define our path to a future free of fossil fuels: sustainable energy that will run cleaner but also require metals and resources whose extraction will both contribute to global warming and impact biodiversity. So as nations commit to lower greenhouse-gas emissions, the conflict is no longer between fossil-fuel firms and clean-energy proponents, but rather over what ecosystems we are willing to sacrifice in the process.”

2022-02-19 Marli Miller, Univ. Oregon—Roadside Geology of Washington

Marli is a co-author of the recently updated Roadside Geology of Washington.  She will feature several interesting geology sites mentioned along road routes in Washington. This is a perfect book to keep in your car for trips across or through Washington. More details to come.

2021-10-02 Pre-Field Trip Registration: Elwha River Restoration

Quimper Geological Society Field Trip:  A decade of changes in the Elwha River as a result of dam removal


Saturday Oct. 2, 2021, Port Angeles Area. Start time 9:30, finish 3 pm or later

Leaders: Ian Miller, Coastal Hazards Specialist, WA Sea Grant, Port Angeles
               Keith Denton, Fisheries Specialist and Consultant, Sequim
               Michael Machette, Quaternary Geologist (retired), Port Townsend

Objectives: Visit ground zero of the largest dam-removal project in the world and one of the largest ecological restoration projects ever attempted. See the developing shore-line and take a tour of three important restoration sites along the Elwha River. Limited participation, $15 fee to cover expenses. Deadline: receipt by mail on or before Sept. 24.

Click here to download the Elwha River field trip info

Click here to download the Registration Form