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2022-07-08 Walk to the Rocks Field Trip

Walk to the Rocks:  Geology of Tamanowas  Rock and Peregrine’s Rock, Chimacum, WA The Trip—Lead by the QGS Rockstars On Friday, July 8, 2022, the QGS Rockstars (four of our geologists) will lead a 4-mile, 4-hour hike (11AM—3PM) from HJ Carroll County Park near Chimacum to the Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary, then up on top of Tamanowas Ridge to see Peregrine’s Rock. The hike can be vigorous, steep, and rough in parts and is tailored to agile citizen scientists who are already knowledgeable about geologic principles and vocabulary. Subjects to be discussed include the glacial history of the Quimper Peninsula, specifically Chimacum Valley, glacial erratics on the Peninsula, and the geology of… Read more2022-07-08 Walk to the Rocks Field Trip


2022-09-24 Karl Wegmann, Recent advances in understanding the Lake Crescent fault

Earthquakes, Rock Avalanches, Displacement Waves, and Turbidites: The Amazing Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Crescent, Clallam County, Washington