2012 Event Archive

01-14-2012 Dave Tucker: Mt. Baker Volcano

About the Talk Eruptive History and Hazards of the Mount Baker Volcanic Field On a clear day in Port Townsend,… Read more01-14-2012 Dave Tucker: Mt. Baker Volcano

03-03-2012 Hugh Shipman: Bluffs and Beaches

About the Talk Bluffs and Beaches:  Geology on the edge (of Jefferson County) Puget Sound is best distinguished from other… Read more03-03-2012 Hugh Shipman: Bluffs and Beaches

04-28-2012 Dave Montgomery: DIRT

About the talk Dirt, soil, call it what you want—it’s everywhere we go. It is the root of our existence,… Read more04-28-2012 Dave Montgomery: DIRT

07-22-2012 Nodule Point field trip

About the Field Trip Geology of Nodule Point, Marrowstone Island Advisors of the Geology Groups will run the rain-canceled beach… Read more07-22-2012 Nodule Point field trip

11-10-2012 Richard Waitt: Missoula floods

About the Talk The great Missoula floods and other megafloods of the Columbia River:  Agents of catastrophic landscape change in… Read more11-10-2012 Richard Waitt: Missoula floods

Shipman, Hugh

Hugh has been a geologist with the Shorelands Program at the Washington Department of Ecology since 1989.  His interests include… Read moreShipman, Hugh