2023-03-15 KPTZ Interview with David Williams, prelude to Seattle’s Geologic Secrets

Nan Evans of KPTZ and Seattle Naturalist David Willams, will discuss “A Sense of Place – What is it?”  This is a prelude to David’s March 18th lecture entitled “Secrets of Seattle Geology—Connections of the human story and the geology story.”

The interview is for Nature Now, a weekly radio broadcast on KPTZ 91.9 MHz. The interview will be recorded as a MP3 file and broadcast three times preceding David’s March 18th lecture for the Quimper Geological Society:

Show #610: David Williams—A Sense of Place:  What does that mean?
Broadcast on March 15 at 12:30 PM; March 16at 5:30 PM; and March 18 at 12:30 PM

A recording of the interview is available on KPTZ’s Nature Now

2023-04-29 Skye Cooley — Soil-climate evidence for timing of the Cascade uplift and creation of its rain shadow

Skye Cooley, independent geologist from Montana, will be presenting an interesting story about timing of the Cascade uplift and creation of its rain shadow as evidenced by the presence and distribution of arid-land soils, specifically calcic soils and calcretes in eastern WA. Skye has been working on this subject for several years and has visited hundreds(?) of outcrops. The presence of the calcretes touch on the timing of the Cascades’ rise (dry climate info), growth of Yakima Fold Belt uplifts (paleoslope info), and ancient glacial floods (stratigraphic info).

The lecture will be on Saturday, April 29th and is our second post-Covid in-person lecture. We’ll meet at the First Baptist Church (1202 Lawrence St),  entrance is at the rear of the building. For those cautious of the various germs circulating, you can come and mask up, or watch the live Zoom broadcast, or wait for the video after the talk. This lecture is free and open to the public, although we would appreciate a donation at the door to defray our costs for the event as well as our ongoing web and Zoom expenses.  Doors open at 3:30, the lecture will run from 4-5 pm.


2023-05-13 Vince Matthews — Global Scramble for Natural Resources

Saturday May 13, 2023. Global Scramble for Natural Resources

Vince Matthews, former director of the Colorado Geological Survey and now a consulting geologist in Wisconsin, will speak on the Global Scramble for Natural Resources. This will be a real-time ZOOM broadcast that will be recorded. Abstract and bio to follow this Spring.  Stay tuned.