Field Guides – General

06-16-2018 Paul Loubere: Bluff Talk & Walk

Field trip, Kala Point to Fort Townsend On June 16, 2018, Paul Loubere conducted a 75-minute indoor seminar in the morning and then led a low-tide 1.5-mile beach walk at Kala Point focusing on depositional environments, sediment properties, and modern coastal processes. 45 persons attended the seminar, and about 35 participated in the beach walk, with bag lunches at Fort Townsend State Park. A brief field guide keyed to locations along the bluff can be downloaded by clicking here. About the Speaker Paul is a retired Distinguished Research Professor who has been instrumental in forming and managing our Geology Group…. Read more06-16-2018 Paul Loubere: Bluff Talk & Walk

06-22-2019 Summer Field Trip to Hurricane Ridge

Field Trip June 22, 2019:  Geology of Hurricane Ridge and the Olympic Mountains; Jim Aldrich—Leader On this one-day field trip we explored the geology of Hurricane Ridge, the Crescent basalt (which holds up the ridge); additional aspects of glaciation, volcanism, metamorphism, etc.,were discussed in addition to the tectonism associated with the Olympics. Our leader was Jim Aldrich, a structural geologist formerly with Los Alamos National Lab in NM, who has been working in the park for several years, pursuing his passion to understand more about his fascinating area inboard of the Cascadia subduction zone. This trip was road-based with a… Read more06-22-2019 Summer Field Trip to Hurricane Ridge

Bluffs at Fort Worden

07-15-2019 Kitty Reed: Fort Worden Geology beach walks

Beach Walks on July 15 and 31, 2019:  Geology of Fort Worden Bluffs July 15th and July 31st Geology group advisors Kitty Reed, Michael Machette, and Keith Norlin led two beach walks along the bluff on the north side of Fort Worden.  These walks took 2-3 hours each and occurred during morning low tides:  July 15, Mon., 9-12; July 31, Wed. 9:30-12:30. We looked at the sediments that record much of the late Pleistocene history of the area, as well as on-going bluff erosion. A fee of $10 per person (paid at time of field trip) was charged to cover our photocopy… Read more07-15-2019 Kitty Reed: Fort Worden Geology beach walks