List of erratics (updated August 2020)

Click here for a is a list of erratics found during our Challenge and some updates at the large end.  We’ve added Pokorny’s Rock and Peregrine Rock to the list of the biggest and below are pictures of each. We’ll update these as new giants are found and documented (August, 2020.

Gigantic erratic on the ridge above Tamanowas Rock in Anderson Lake State Park. Eric Nagle (finder) for scale (6 ft).  Longest dimension is 43 ft. Roughly 20 ft high, partially buried. The rock appears to be a metabasalt or gabbro from the north.  The rock is alongside the trail that goes from Tamanowas Rock to the northeast side of Anderson Lake. Easy access from the parking lot at Tamanowas Rock. About a 1.5 mile roundtrip, 2 hours plus you can see Tamanowas Rock, which is an adakite.

Pokorny’s Rock on the Valley Rock Farm owned by Mark and Tami Pokorny, Tarboo Valley. The rock appears to be a metabasalt and is hard to approach since its surrounded by Himalayan blackberry canes.  This is on private property but can be seen from Dabob Road.