Photo gallery of erratics

Here is a photo gallery showing the largest 15 erratics from our recent challenge (click here for more info about the challenge).  Over 100 rocks were submitted having a minimum size of 6 feet. The largest erratic (Juanita’s rock) is 36 feet long. In addition, we’ll continue to record any new erratics that are at least 10 ft large. Click here for the current list of large erratics on the Quimper Peninsula.

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Garrison-Laney, Carrie

Carrie Garrison-Laney is a tsunami hazards specialist at Washington Sea Grant, and a liaison to the NationalCenter for Tsunami Research at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory. Carrie’s work includes refining the ages and sources of tsunami deposits in Washington, and numerical tsunami modeling. Carrie also participates in a variety of outreach activities, including Washington’s Tsunami Roadshow.

Carrie earned a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences from San Francisco State University; a master’s degree in Environmental Systems from Humboldt State University; a master’s degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Earth and Space Sciences, both from the University of Washington.

Carrie spoke about Tsunamis for a JLT sponsored workshop in Nov. 15, 2015 and again to the QGS on Feb. 29, 2020. (Updated Oct. 2021)