2021-02-02 North Beach Erosion Photos

Hi everyone – I/Leslie Roubal/the webmaster/ went to visit my local North Beach after the stormy January and find that there is LOADS more sand on the beach and fresh erosion of the cliffs, which probably accounts for more sand. Very good walking on the nice sand and special photos of erosion. See also the good FIELD TRIP we took a couple of years ago explaining the layers seen on North Beach.

Geology of bluff along North Beach, Fort Worden

Karachewski Images

2020 Summer State Park Geology Signs

Using donations received from the folks who attend our events, the Jefferson Land Trust Geology Group has produced and donated geologic interpretive signs to our three local state parks: Fort Worden, Fort Townsend, and Fort Flagler. Each sign includes information about the glacial history which is fundamental to understanding our local geology. Each sign also includes park-specific information.

We hope you will take a moment to enjoy these signs when you visit your local state parks.

FORT WORDEN STATE PARK: Follow the road down to the beach area. At the north end of the boat-trailer parking lot adjacent to the pier, there is a large ‘pay station’ signboard. The geology sign is on the north-facing side of this signboard. Preview of this sign Stories in Motion you see at top of this posting. Click here to view sign details…

FORT TOWNSEND STATE PARK: Follow the entry road to the welcome-registration kiosk. Turn left and go about 70 feet downhill to the parking lot that abuts the open Parade Ground. You can then see the large Park signboard with a mural on the north side. On the south side of the signboard, you will see two signs and a handout with geologic interpretive information. Click here to view sign details…

FORT FLAGLER STATE PARK: Follow the road into the park and, at the 4-way stop, turn left toward the camping registration kiosk. Continue on this winding road all the way to its end at the beach camping area. There is a large signboard at the road side and the interpretive sign is on its east-facing side. Click here to view sign details…