2023-11-14 Shake Map — Simulation of 7.4 M earthquake on the South Whidbey Island fault

If you live in the Puget Sound, you might want to look at the attached U.S. Geological Survey shake map and shake scale models resulting from a 7.4 event on the South Whidbey Island Fault.  The full article with a description of projected damages is found at https://earthweb.ess.washington.edu/gomberg/ShakeMap/ShakeMaps.html

2020-02-29 Tsunami Evacuation Walk Time Maps

The Department of Natural Resource’s Geological Survey has released a series of Tsunami Evacuation maps for coastal areas of Washington.  The Port Townsend map (2019) prints as a large poster, but we’ve made a smaller version that you can download here.  Take a look and find your evacuation route if a tsunami is approaching.  If its from the Big One (8-9) on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, you’ll have nearly two hours of response time; if its from a local crustal earthquake on the Whidby-Camino fault zone, if could be just minutes before it arrives on our beaches and bays. Get to high ground!