2022-02-19 Marli Miller, University of Oregon — Roadside Geology of Washington

The Lecture

On Saturday February 19, geologist and photographer Marli Miller spoke about the geology of Oregon and Washington as seen along our federal and state highways as outlined in her recent Roadside Geology books.  With its spectacular mountain ranges, lush valleys and awesome rivers, the Pacific Northwest landscape offers an incredible geologic story grounded in continental accretion and mountain-building, magmatism, and glaciation.

Beginning with the Crescent Terrane (Siletzia), the latest addition to North America, she described elements of continental accretion that form the underlying but diverse basement of the region, followed by a photographic “roadtrip” up the Columbia Gorge that illustrated younger features. Along the way, the many geologic complexities raise important questions, opportunities for new research, and fascinating stories.  The Zoom broadcast was free and open to the public, as are all our recorded events. Marli’s book on Washington Roadside Geology is available from Amazon as well as local booksellers.

The Speaker

Marli is a tenured Senior Instructor II and Researcher in the Dept. of Earth Sciences at the University of Oregon and maintains the website geologypics.com, which offers free downloads of more than 4,500 of her searchable geology photographs. This site is a godsend for instructors and authors

Ultimately, Marli thinks this whole science of geology boils down to teaching—if we can’t communicate what we’ve learned, what good is it?  Fortunately, the geology department here really values teaching, so there are plenty of people with whom she can share ideas.

6 thoughts on “2022-02-19 Marli Miller, University of Oregon — Roadside Geology of Washington

  1. I’d like to attend Marli’s lecture but am not seeing a place to do that. Is pre-registration required?

    Thank you.

  2. Michele, look at the page again, I’ve added the Zoom url to it at the bottom. If you join (free, no spam), we send you a notice of the talk. Marli’s notice goes out Tuesday, Feb 8. Thanks, Michael

  3. We enjoyed the talk by Marli Miller yesterday and would like to see it again … Lots of information! Is there a recording we can access?

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