Aldrich, James

Jim Aldrich has a Ph.D. from University of New Mexico (1972), taught geology at several colleges, and was a structural geologist for 20+ years at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Jim served as a staff member and Group Leader of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He has conducted investigations on low-temperature geothermal projects in Arizona and New Mexico; Los Alamos Hot Dry Rock Project; geothermal investigations in Honduras; state of stress in the crust of southwestern US; and Rio Grande rift. Project Manager for Environmental Restoration Project of Los Alamos.

Before moving to Santa Fe, NM in 2020, Jim Aldrich spoke to our group often and led field trips (click here, for example, field trip he has led…). Jim is on the Advisory Board of the Jefferson Land Trust’s Geology Group, as well as a former Board member of Friends of the Field and the North Olympic Land Trust.

(Updated Oct, 2021)