06-08-2019 Nick Zentner: Nick on the Rocks in Eastern WA

On Saturday, June 8th we had local TV celebrity Nick Zentner of Central Washington State University over to talk about his local PBS series entitled “Nick on the Rocks.”  These popular 5-minute videos highlight geologic features and processes in Washington.  The videos and slides focused on Eastern Washington, playground of the Missoula Floods and the Channeled Scablands they produced.  Because we’re expected a large crowd, the lecture was at the Chimacum HS Auditorium and we were pleased that 265 members showed up.  The lecture was wildly popular with lots of good feedback.

For more videos of Nick’s On the Rocks series, go to his PBS website. He is in this third season now, and hunting around to find more topics to decipher for the geologic layman (and women).