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Washington State Geology News

Geology news about Washington, updated monthly.  You can subscribe to an alert service.



US Geological Survey News Blog

Geology news on a national scale.  Especially good at daily updates of the current volcanic hazards at Kilauea, Hawaii.



 Geomorphology Rules
On Facebook, we are an educational page that celebrates the science of landscapes and features surficial geology and other fun. Our global HQ is at the University of Utah. This project is directed by Prof Kathleen Nicoll and is for students and her Geomorphology Lab. Our location in Utah and explains the desert emphasis of the page, although we do try to be global in our topical coverage. We aim to encourage ideas in geomorphology and to build a global community that includes all interested people. Please recommend us to your friends. We extend a *special welcome* to girls who are interested in sciences!


Geology Page is a science website that helps Geoscientists by adding geology news, new research, videos, photos, and news articles.

AGU Blogosphere

This is a community of Earth and space science blogs, hosted by the American Geophysical Union.


Best of Website Blogs:  Geology

The easiest way to access information about Geology Blogs on the web. Research scientific trends as they happen in the blogosphere by exploring academic. Very comprehensive list, including some blogs by our speakers.



The best Geology and Earth Science blogs on the web.  Items change daily with breaking news.