About the Jefferson Land Trust Geology Group

The Jefferson Land Trust Geology Group seeks to foster an understanding of geologic concepts in our community by offering illustrated lectures during the year and summer field trips. We focus mainly, but not exclusively, on local geologic features and issues. All talks are free and open to the public, although we gratefully accept donations at the door.

Our speaking events are usually on Saturdays at 4 pm and the location of each event is noted on this website (see any upcoming events listed below) and through our email news. Programs are generally announced in local media and by email.

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Next Events (click photo or title for details)


01-19-2019 Deborah Kelly: Sea Mounts

Debbie Kelley is a marine geologist with the University of Washington.  She looks at how submarine volcanoes support life in… Read more01-19-2019 Deborah Kelly: Sea Mounts


02-23-2019 Steve Cox: Ground Water—How, why and where


04-13-2019 Christina Heliker: A Working Girl on Mt. Saint Helens, 1980-83



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