Williams, Tom

Thomas R. Williams, M.S., P.G. has more than 35 years of working and teaching experience and is a retired Engineering Geologist. He has taught earth sciences at eight Bay Area colleges including Sonoma State University, U.C. Berkeley Extension, Dominican University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Diablo Valley College, College of Marin, Napa Valley College, and Mendocino College. Tom has led 34 GeoAdventures (http://geology-adventures.com) since 1997.

For the past five years, Tom has co-lead geology field trips exploring the landscapes and geology of Scotland.  These trips follow in the footsteps of Hutton and other pioneering Scottish geologists and visit localities such as Salisbury Crags, Siccar Point, Isle of Arran, and the Moine thrust, where significant geologic discoveries were made.

In Nov. 2017, Tom reviewed much of the geology of Scotland thru the eyes of “James Hutton—Founder of Modern Geology.” (Updated Oct. 2021)

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