Neal, Kathryn

Kathryn Neal, P.E. is Civil Engineering Manager with the City of Port Angeles.  Kathryn has a Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Washington and has been a practicing Professional Engineer since 1994. In her time with Port Angeles, this has been one of the largest and most significant projects she has been involved in, and arguably the most unique. The project, which was completed this year at a cost of about $21.3M, protects the environment, will last for many decades, and was successfully accomplished within the financial constraints of a small city.

She grew up in Port Angeles, and was thrilled to be able to move back to the Olympic Peninsula about 15 years ago. She recently retired from her job; now she enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading, and imagining alternate realities.

In Ddec. 2016, Kathryn described how the city Stabilized Port Angeles’ Coastal Landfill, which was in danger to sliding into the sea.  (Updated Oct. 2021)

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