09-24-2019  Geology Licensing News Note

Geology News Notes:  This came across our web desk might be of interest to you


Geologist Licensing Services

The Washington State Geologist Licensing Board is proposing to amend chapter 308-15 WAC Geologist Licensing Services. As such, the Board sent the attached message to licensees back in July to give them the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes.

The Board would like to request that you post the attached information on your website or send as an email to your membership so they can also have the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes. This will also allow any licensee that did not see the notice, a second chance to comment. All comments are due to the board by September 30, 2019.

Thank you in advance for your help in getting the word out

Best Regards,

Julia Manley

Licensing Manager; Regulatory Boards Section

Washington State Department of Licensing

Office: (360) 664-1497