07-15-2019: Fort Worden Geology beach walks (2)

Bluffs at Fort Worden

Beach Walks on July 15 and 31, 2019:  Geology of Fort Worden bluffs

Kitty Reed describing sedimentary features exposed in the bluffs on the north side of Fort Worden

Geology group advisors Kitty Reed & Michael Machette will lead two beach walks along the bluff on the north side of Fort Worden.  These walks will take 2-3 hours each and occur during morning low tides:  July 15, Sat. 9-12; July 31, Wed. 9:30-12:30. We’ll look at the sediments that record much of the late Pleistocene history of the area, as well as on-going bluff erosion. A fee of $10 per person (paid at time of field trip) will cover our photocopy costs.  Each trip is limited to 15 persons, and registration deadline is a week before each trip.  To register for the trip, contact Leslie Aickin (leslieaickin@gmail.com) and indicate which of the two trips you want to be on.