6-16-18 Paul Loubere: Seminar & Beach Walk

Kala Point Area

In mid-June, Paul Loubere is going to conduct a short indoor seminar in the morning and then host a beach walk at Kala Point focusing on depositional environments, sediment properties, and modern coastal processes.

Space is limited and we’ll take reservations.

About the Speaker

Paul is a retired Distinguished Research Professor who has been instrumental in forming and managing our Geology Group. We last had Paul on our stage as a speaker in 2015 Rising Seas, Retreating Shorelines. Our local newspaper, the PT Leader, wrote about his presentation – read more…

Googling Paul’s background yields these biographical notes: Paul Loubere decided to be an oceanographer at age 9. He received a B.Sc. Honours in Geology and Biology from the University of Keele, England and a Ph.D. in Marine Geology and Micropaleontology from the School of Oceanography, Oregon State University. His interests include global climate and ocean-climate interactions through time and he specializes in retrieving paleoenvironmental information from fossil assemblages.